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To promote globalization and worldwide peace by letting people experience other cultures and become friends with different nationalities through tourism.
Sustainability to reduce your carbon footprint

As a destination marketer, sustainability is at the core of your interest.
We are probably the only communications agency in Japan that has made sustainability the guiding principle of how we work. We have started by making our operations sustainable through the digitalization of the way we work, and the services we offer.

We want to do the same with your marketing communications activities. Digitalize wherever it makes sense, avoid unnecessary wastage through minute planning of activities, and use recyclable and reusable materials where necessary. Let us help you to minimize your carbon footprint.



Expertise in marketing foreign services and products to Japanese consumers.

The Mode Media team has more than 10 years of experience in marketing foreign concepts, products, and services to Japanese consumers on behalf of renowned international government offices, manufacturers, and other organizations. We constantly monitor consumer behavior to be ahead of fast-changing consumer trends and interests. Let us apply our experience and expertise to promote your destination and business.


Nation-Wide Service

Many marketers limit themselves to Tokyo and the Kanto area, neglecting Kansai and West Japan and one-third of the Japanese population. Mode Media from an early stage has recognized the potential of West Japan where consumer attitudes and preferences are different from the Tokyo and the Kanto area.

To build better relationships with the travel trade and consumers, we have opened an office in Osaka to focus on the important West Japan area. Osaka is also home to one of the largest international airports, KIX, with 24-hour operations and a special low-cost carrier terminal


Digital Marketing

One element of minimizing your carbon footprint is the digitalization of your marketing communications wherever it makes sense. The Japanese consumer has become one of the most digital-savvy consumers globally.

Mode Media is one of the pioneers of digital communications in Japan. We offer a wide range of services from web build and digital advertising campaigns to social media and influencer campaigns.

Most Japanese access the internet through mobile platforms instead of PCs. Mode Media has specialist expertise in designing attractive sites for small screens.

Mode Media has also a special team of content creators for social media, probably the most important communications tool for destination marketing.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is one of the most essential marketing devices by tourist organizations giving consumers a first real experience of a country or destination. Mode Media creates rich experiences for the media, travel trade, and consumers. We conduct and organize on your behalf press and media conferences, trade missions, PR missions, and participation in consumer events.

All of our experiential marketing activities have clear-defined KPIs against which we deliver. To minimize your carbon footprint, we also suggest shifting, where applicable, to online experiences like online events, trade webinars, and seminars.

Travel Trade Marketing

Mode Media has excellent relationships with JATA and the Japanese travel trade. We have organized seminars for the travel trade , and guided destination visits for members of the travel trade, including arranging meetings with essential trade partners in Japan.

Through our activities, we enhance the image of a destination by presenting it as a safe and reliable product for all travel trade stakeholders